Whenever we have to learn something, we look up to professionals who have mastered said thing. They are the experts, they are experienced, and there is valuable information that we can get from them to be learning the thing. More importantly, they can show us the common pitfalls beginners fall into and give us tips on how to avoid those when starting out at the thing. Of course, replace “thing” with “surfing” and everything that was said will still hold true. We are going to investigate some of the tips and information professionals of surfing have to offer.

Start out on a skateboard

This tip is either obvious or vague depending on whom you ask but surfers will almost unanimously agree that practising on a skateboard can go a long way. There is a lot to surfing than skateboarding; you have to pick a surfboard, you have to choose a wetsuit, you have to learn the technique. These are whole other conversations but for the curious, visit Vissla 4/3 wetsuits.

Many professional surfers like John Florence from Hawaii and Kelly Slater from the USA are very talented on the skateboard. Kelly Slater even went as far as doing skateboard moves on the surfboard! It is good advice in those skateboarding moves and balance very similar to a surfboard on the waves and also activates the same muscles in your body.

Emphasis on practising the pop-up

What is a pop-up you ask? Lady or gentleman, a pop-up is when you lie on your belly and paddle to catch a wave and do an instant push up to get on your feet on the board. It’s easy on paper but difficult for beginner surfers to pull off. The importance of practising the pop-up comes from the fact that not only would it train you to do the actual pop-up, but also strengthen your muscles and boosts your agility (both of which are vital to you as a surfer).

Try paddling in a pool first

Since it is one of the most basic and fundamental skills that a beginner surfer must learn, it really pays off to first practice in a controlled environment. Sound paddling skills will improve your speeds in catching waves and moving out of rip currents. Practising in a pool will also build your muscles and improve your stamina. There is nothing to lose with this advice.

Watch and learn

There is something every surfer has to offer and one of the best ways to learn surfing is to imitate the pros and see what works for you. The internet is a treasure trove of surfer tutorials, tips, tricks, and information. We recommend subscribing to a surfer magazine and reading the blogs of surfers. There is so much that you can learn from these resources.

Of course, the learning never ends until your very last surf, but even the pros started somewhere. Your reasons for learning how to surf might not be ambitious (nor should they be), so learning the ropes and getting used to the fundamentals will ensure that every surf is an enjoyable experience. We wish your surfing journey all the very best.

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