It’s a common thing that usually teenagers and early 20s individuals preferring to skip their cardio exercises. There are several reasons behind this fact. One is, the usual practice of cardio exercises come at the end of the working out, this is based on the fact that most people simply like to build muscle, so they don’t want to waste their energy on a tiresome set of exercise that doesn’t make their muscles bulked or cut. At the end of a work out, everyone is quite tired so they’re more or less waiting to drink their supplement or eat and fall asleep. But while you’re busy building your muscles, your endurance will be at the rock bottom, simply put.

What are cardio workouts and what are the true purposes of them? When one walks runs or walks for a considerable time in a treadmill is a great example for a cardio exercise. It increases the efficiency of your body’s blood circulation and burn a lot of cholesterol and fat. This is why obese people are recommended only with cardio. But as someone who’s already in great shape, losing cardio exercises is equivalent to losing 25% of the truly intended work out. There is actually no short cut to execute this; you necessarily have to go through the burden, but the results are for a life time. High endurance and high sustainability abilities can be useful in many occasions.

Being a kid, its sure that you have an experience of a friend passing out in the middle of a parade. Or being an adult, people who can’t run half a mile without sweating like a waterfall. Do you really want that? On the other hand, a person who is in great shape struggling to endure isn’t a pretty sight. But sadly, it’s the reality of the community. This doesn’t refer to it as whole, there are two to three times bigger bodybuilders who understand the importance of cardio workouts and somehow make them happen. That’s one reason they have got where they are today. In order to be a great person, its necessary that you carry out necessary activities at all times.

Keeping your heart healthy is achieved by cardio workouts. The moment you truly see the positive effect of cardio workouts, there’s no way that you will skip them again. Endurance is power in a way; how much you can take and how long for, these are the real-life things that are acquired by these activities. Hence, as a person who seeks great health, cardio exercises must be prioritized.


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