If you consider yourself to be among those serious sailors then you also need to be serious about choosing the right kind of sailing watch to use. The kind of watch you buy may also depend on the type of sailing that you will be doing a lot. Weekend sailors may be contented with just using an analogue watch. But, if you’re taking part in a more complicated sailing or racing activity then your watch needs to possess several features that are more technical than the analogue ones. If you’re looking to buy a brand new sailing watch, check out the following tips:

Measures Tidal Movement

For sailors, a watch should be something that helps them not just in telling accurate time. But, their watches must also help them measure tidal movement with much accuracy. Remember that the life of a sailor is mostly governed by the rhythm of the tides. Sailing in many parts of the world will mostly require them to adhere to twice-daily lunar cycle. They know very well that a tide would usually come in at an average of twelve hours and 25 minutes, before it recedes again. Therefore, sailors must choose a watch that helps them measure the tidal movements with much accuracy no matter in what region they’re sailing on.

Quartz or Automatic?

Some people often make the mistake of not knowing whether what they bought is quartz or an automatic watch. If you’re into serious sailing, never opt for a watch that lacks the complication and technicalities you need while you’re in the middle of the sea. Don’t opt for just the typical quartz watch otherwise you may be sailing with a timepiece that lacks the mechanical components to be able to tell the exact time. Note that the mechanical components of the watch are crucial towards giving you the most accurate time while sailing. When shopping, you might as well look for Masterwatch and Ronstan watches to ensure you get what you’re looking for in a sailing watch!

Provides Nautical Information

To every sailor, a watch is not just a mere accessory for telling time. It should also serve as your navigational instrument that helps you figure out important nautical information. It should help sailors determine the strength of the tide, the strength of the water currents and the timing of the tides. It should also help sailors make an accurate estimate of the water levels. Other watches are even capable of indicating the height of successive tides as well as the tidal movements.

Helps You Win the Race

Some watches provide a jumping countdown function which is so helpful among sailors who are also into racing. Using a watch that has the capability to time up to 12 hours of racing may also be your best friend. It is best to choose a watch that enables a countdown function from the moment the race starts until it stops. Keep in mind that every second counts when it comes to racing and sailing at sea. So, make sure to choose the timepiece that will surely work to your favour. The best timepiece would never hurt your capabilities as a sailor. Instead, it should help you truly become the master of the seas.

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