The Holiday season is over but it is not too late to give someone a gift. Gift-giving has been a tradition for many decades now – whether there is an occasion or not. When you give someone a gift, it expresses your love, care, and appreciation for that person. That person will be happy, for sure. Do not worry if you do not have enough budget to buy an expensive gift as a simple yet practical gift will fit the bill. If you want to surprise a 5-year-old kid this year, take time to read the list of best gifts for 5-year-olds below.

Night Light

Sleep plays a key role in our lives. For this reason, gift a night light to that 5-year-old kid so he or she can sleep better at night. Get a night light that projects the moon and stars so he or she will be inspired to use it more.

Climbing Frames

Climbing gives an array of benefits to kids. It is a skill to explore their surroundings as they grow. Moreover, it can boost motor movements, build confidence, improve flexibility and problem-solving skills, increase muscle strength, learn to deal with fear and stress, refine agility and speed, and many other things. Give quality climbing frames for that 5-year-old kid to enjoy the said benefits.

Painting Books

When kids start to explore their abilities, some of them will be good at painting. Painting comes with a great number of rewards. It can help them express their emotions or feelings, enhance hand-eye coordination, and so on. Shop for a couple of painting books and do not forget to include some brushes and paints.

Fidget Toy Bag

A bag is an essential item to have, no matter how old you are. This is why gift a bag that he or she will love – a fidget toy bag! It is cute and useful. Not only that, he or she can use it to pop the bag’s surface when he or she is feeling bored stiff.

Board Games

When you bring out your board games on a weekday, know that your 5-year-old kid will benefit from it. Board games can teach them how to be more patient and to accept losing with grace. They can sharpen their focus and language skills as well.

Sewing Kit

Teach a 5-year-old kit how to sew with a sewing kit. Sewing helps kids to build their self-confidence and develop their fine motor skills.


Books help advance critical thinking skills, to open up, and become interactive. Join your 5-year-old kid in reading his or her books. Read a book to him or her at times and it will form a stronger bond with him or her. Choose books that are appropriate to his or her age.

Building Toys

Most kids love to build. They love to build things and take them apart. One of the best building toys to give to a 5-year-old is Lego. He or she can spend hours building it. It is creative, fun, and lasts for years.

You can give a collapsible tent, too.


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